Aliağa National Education Directorate

Aliağa has been a county since 1982.

* Total population : 63503


  • The population at the centre of the county : 51108
  • The population in Yenişakran : 3630
  • The population in the villages (There are 18 villages) : 8765

The heavy metal industrial institutions  of Turkey  are in Aliağa.The are :

  • Petro-chemical : Petkim , Tüpraş , Petrol Ofisi
  • Scrap Recyling and Steel Industry  : İzmir Demir Çelik , Ege Çelik , Habaş , Çebitaş , Dört Yıldız Demir Çelik ,Akdemir Çelik, Özkan Demir Çelik, Sözden Demir Çelik, Kocaer Haddecilik, Kardemir Çelik,Erege Metal
  • Fuel-Oil Storage and Sale : Petrol Ofisi ,Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş,Total Oil A.Ş, Tuta, Türk Petrol, Pet-Line
  • Gas Tube Filling Plants : Totalgaz, Ipragaz, Bizimgaz, Aygaz, Pegagaz, Ocakgaz, Milangaz.
  • Private Industrial Institutions : İzmir Elektrik Üretim Ltd.Şti(Enka Intergen  Enerji Santrali), Bersel Kimya, Molteks Kimya, Egegaz, Ege Gübre, Viking Kağıt ve Selüloz A.Ş, Strocpak A.Ş, Penkar Tekstil San. Tic. A.Ş, Saka Beton Ltd. Şti., Güriş, Akfen.

In all these industrial establisments and plants , totally 16067 people work.


After Aliağa had been a county ,


  • The Directory of Primary Education was founded in 1982.
  • The County Directory of Nationla Education was founded in 1985.



  • The provide the coordination among the institutions of educetion in order to grow up the people who the humanity and the Turkish Nation need; that have the qualities of self confidence, productivity, knowledge,talent and the qualities of good citizens.
  • To provide the qualified education and service which meet the expectations of people who take the advantage of educational services as well as preparing them fort he future by cooperating with the other institutions according to the values of the society.
  • To be a locomotive for a qualified education by raising the standarts for a beter future ; to help the teachers and the personel to be happy and do qualified work by motivating and quiding them.
  • To realize the continuous education by including everybody itogether with the disabled to formal and general education.



Our vision   is to be an institution that

  • Has self confidence in an understanding of objective management
  • Uses means of communication in the most effective way
  • Produces ideas and projects fort he information society of 21st century
  • Is at peace with science and technology
  • Is open to the development and changes in the light of mind, science and history
  • Is in the position of a leader fort he institutions of education
Is a modern institution which is open to the change and development.
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The Director : Mr. Yakup TATLICI
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Phone Number : 0(232) 616 1844
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